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Security Intelligence Services

The threats facing today's businesses continue to grow in volume and escalate in severity. With security teams overwhelmed with vulnerability disclosures, multi-vendor security patching regimes, an eroding perimeter, and the need to deal with new categories of threat vectors and malicious actors, businesses are at a critical juncture in their effort to protect their corporate systems and employees.

Foresight and intelligence of an opponent's tools and tactics lies at the cutting-edge of information security today. IOActive's Security Intelligence Services are designed to arm an organization's management and technical security teams with the information they need to combat emergent threats and successfully prioritize responses.

IOActive has a long established research pedigree and extensive experience providing onsite security consultancy to many of the world's most demanding technology companies and financial institutions. This experience allows our Security Intelligence Service to focus on:

  • Evaluating current and future threats and technologies
  • Giving clear and concise information, devoid of sensationalist marketing hype and FUD

IOActive researchers and master consultants present at a majority of the most important security conferences around the globe (100+ "top-tier" conferences in over five languages). They present new cutting-edge security research themselves or gather new intelligence directly from the third-party presenters. This real-time human intelligence gathering, combined with analysis from IOActive's acclaimed security researchers and most experienced consultants, gives our clients critical insight that cannot be harvested from even the best data feeds and big data crunching tools.

While many other threat intelligence service providers focus on providing reams of blacklists, regurgitated vulnerability advisories, or streams of semi-processed data, IOActive's objectives and value to our clients is quite different. We focus on evaluating the very latest research and live threat metrics to identify the truly important emergent threats and significant security developments. We arm our clients with details their technical teams need to remediate and activate defenses, while providing the distillation and projection of threats that executive management teams require.


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