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January 26–28 AppSec California Santa Monica, CA, US


November 20 IRISSCERT Cyber Crime Conference Dublin, Ireland
November 12–13 PacSec 2014 Tokyo, Japan
October 29–31
Buenos Aires, Argentina
October 22–26 ToorCon San Diego, CA, US
October 23–24 8.8 Computer Security Conference Santiago, Chile
October 22–23 4SICS Stockholm, Sweden
October 20–22 SecTor Toronto, Canada
October 20 M3AAWG Boston, Massachusetts, US
October 17–24
Itron Utility Week San Antonio, Texas, US
October 14–17
Black Hat Amsterdam
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
October 11–12
Ruxcon Melbourne, Australia
October 10
BSides Colombia
Bogota, Colombia
October 8–9
IP EXPO Europe
London, United Kingdom
September 25–26
BruCON Ghent, Belgium
September 24–26
Seattle, WA, US
September 21–27
SANS European ICS Security Summit  Amsterdam, The Netherlands
September 9–12
44CON London, United Kingdom
September 1–5  WSegI Buenos Aires, Argentina
August 7–10
Las Vegas, NV, US
August 2–7
Black Hat USA 2014
Las Vegas, NV, US
July 21–25
SANS ICS Security Training Houston, TX, US
June 27–29
Montreal, Canada
June 27–28
BSides Manchester Manchester University, Manchester, UK
June 18–19
escar Embedded Security in Cars Detroit Metroplitan, Michigan, USA
June 11
GISEC 2014 Dubai, UAE 
June 7–8
BSides Dubai
Dubai, UAE 
June 6–7
BSides Cape Town
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
June 2–3
Area41 Zurich, Switzerland
May 28
OWASP Los Angeles
Culver City, California, US
May 27–30
HITBSecConf 2014
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
May 27–29
ITWeb Security Summit 2014
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
May 22–23
Dublin, Ireland
May 15–16
Infiltrate Security Conference
Miami Beach, Florida, US
May 5–7
DragonJAR Security Conference 2014
Manizales, Colombia
April 29–May 2
The United States Cyber Crime Conference 2014
Leesburg, VA , US
April 29–May 1
Infosecurity Europe
London, United Kingdom 
April 26
TEDx Grandview Ave
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US
April 8–10
Boston, Massachusetts, US
April 1–3
Leeds, United Kingdom 
March 31–April 4
March 31–April 3
EE Live!
San Jose, CA, US 
March 20–21
BSides Austin
Round Rock, Austin, TX, US
March 20
Fremont Women in Technology
Seattle, WA, US
March 17
9th Annual ICS Summit
Lake Buena Vista, FL, US
March 12–14
Vancouver, Canada
March 11
Buenos Aires, Argentina
February 24–28
RSA USA 2014
San Francisco, CA, US
February 24–25
San Francisco, CA, US
February 17–18
Tokyo, Japan
February 9–13
Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit 2014
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
January 15–16
S4 - SCADA Security Scientific Summit
Miami, FL, US


December 27–30
Chaos Communication Congress
Hamburg, Germany
December 13
Duo Tech Talks
Ann Arbor, MI, US
December 5
ISSA Metro Atlanta
Atlanta, GA, US
December 3–5
Cloud Security Alliance Congress US
Orlando, FL, US
November 21–22
DeepSec 2013
Vienna, Austria
November 19
CSO Roadshow
Melbourne, Australia
November 15
Grenoble, France
November 14–15
Kraft IS 2013
Gardermoen, Norway
November 13–14
Tokyo, Japan
November 12
CSO Roadshow
Sydney, Australia
November 8–9
Quebec, Canada
November 7–8
Countermeasure 2013
Ottawa, Canada
November 7
CSO Roadshow
Canberra, Australia
November 4–8
CCS 2013 - 20th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security
Berlin, Germany
November 2–3
Bsides Dallas
Dallas, TX, US
October 29–31
RSA Europe
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
October 28–29
2013 FIRST Fall Symposium - CIR in the Energy Sector
Leesburg, VA, US
October 24–25
8.8 Security Conference
Santiago, Chile
October 22–23
Leon, Spain
October 16–20
ToorCon San Diego
San Diego, CA, US
October 10
OWASP NYC Cyber Security Meet Up
New York, NY, US
October 6
San Diego MimosaSec
San Diego, CA, US
October 5–6
Sao Paulo, Brasil
October 2–4
Berlin, Germany
October 1
The ISSS Switzerland Information Security Conference
Lausanne, Switzerland
October 1
ACK Security Conference
September 26–27
Ghent, Belgium
September 25–29
DerbyCon 3.0
Louisville, KY, US
September 25–27
Buenos Aires, Argentina
September 18–20
Security Zone
Cali, Colombia
September 17–19
EnergySec Summit
Denver, CO, US
September 12–13
London, United Kingdom 
August 26–30
Nordic Security Conference
Reykjavík, Iceland
August 14–16
ISSA 2013
Johannesburg, South Africa
August 14–15
Embedded Device Security Conference
Seattle, WA, US
August 1–4
Las Vegas, NV, US
July 31–August 1
The IOActive IOAsis in Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV, US
July 27–August 1
Black Hat USA
Las Vegas, NV, US
June 15–21
FIRST 2013
Bangkok, Thailand
June 10–8
Oslo, Norway
June 7–8
New York, NY, US
May 28–29
CONFidence 2013
Krakow, Poland
May 13–15
Secure 360
St. Paul, MN, US
May 9–10
May CISO Forum Dallas 2013
Dallas, TX, US
May 4
San Antonio, TX, US
May 1–2
SecureWorld Houston
Houston, TX , US
April 24
CSA Luncheon at InfoSec 2013
Leeds, United Kingdom 
April 23–24
Security On Tap at InfoSec 2013
Leeds, United Kingdom 
April 22–25
San Jose, CA, US
April 19–21
Infosec Southwest
Austin, TX, US
April 19
Dusseldorf, Germany
April 18
GuadalajaraCON 2013
Guadalajara, Mexico
April 17–18
Munich, Germany
April 17
Texas Technology Summit
Houston, TX, US
April 16
SOURCE Boston Security Conference
Boston, MA, US
April 10–11
2013 Hack In The Box
Amsterdam, Netherlands
March 26
Abu Dhabi
March 12–15
Black Hat Europe
Amsterdam, Netherlands
March 12
Segurinfo 2013
Buenos Aires, Argentina
March 6–8
Vancouver, British Columbia
March 4–5
Vancouver B-Sides Security Conference
Vancouver, British Columbia
February 25–March 1
RSA USA 2013
San Francisco, CA, US
February 12–13
North American ICS & SCADA Summit
Lake Buena Vista, FL, US
February 8–9
Suits and Spooks DC 2013
Washington DC, US
February 6–8
Growth and Control of Risks
Lyon, France
February 4–5
Kaspersky SAS 2013
Puerto Rico
January 22–23
National Cyber Security Centre
The Hague, Netherlands
January 17
An Evening With IOActive
Seattle, WA, US
January 16–17
Miami, FL, US

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