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Application Security

Today's business environment calls for added investment in system security to meet the demands of customers, partners, and government regulatory agencies. The volume and sophistication of computer attacks is on the rise. Failure to examine security needs in the early planning stages of development can lead to increased costs and threats to revenue and productivity down the road.

While it is impossible to prevent every attack, studies indicate that nearly half of all application security vulnerabilities are completely preventable. Industry data also shows that overall project costs are as much as 60 percent higher when gaps in information security controls are addressed late in the development cycle. Meanwhile, reports such as the SANS list of the top 25 most dangerous programming errors have procurement experts pushing to hold software vendors liable for coding mistakes.

IOActive is committed to helping our clients produce high quality software by adopting a holistic programming approach that keeps you secure while maximizing your competitive advantage. As one of three firms chosen by Microsoft to perform a source code security review on the Vista operating system, and a partner in the Microsoft SDL Pro Network, IOActive is a recognized leader in application security.

We understand that your customers depend on you to protect the integrity and reliability of their systems. Our customized application and code auditing services are tailored to meet the requirements of each client's development process. By approaching security as a continuous thread running throughout design, development, testing, and deployment phases, we help our clients create proactive, methodical, repeatable processes that detect and address risks before they become a problem.

Download the Application Security Services Brochure (PDF).


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Download Application Security Services Brochure.

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